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Portable Toilets

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Toll Free:  888-883-9501

Manly:  641-454-2701

Mason City:  641-423-1105

When it comes to making sure your workers or guests are comfortable, you can rely on the modern, sanitary portable restroom facilities provided by Green Canopy, Inc. We have a range of options including stalls that are handicapped accessible as well as hand wash stations and hand sanitizer stations.


We stand behind all of the products we offer with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We have the portable restrooms you need

  • Hand sanitizer stations

  • Portable stalls

  • Portable handicap stalls

  • Holding tanks

  • Hand wash stations

Our available product options.

Licensed by Mason City and the state of Iowa

Whether you are looking to have grease traps cleaned, or having your holding tanks pumped, Green Canopy, Inc. can help your business, home, or industrial site. We can also pump your septic tanks and carry Waste Away waste treatment products.

Cleaning and pumping services

Portable toilet image026 Portable Toilets Freshest Water
Handwash Station Ultimate Handwash
Station Low Cost HandiStands Portable Handicap  Restrooms

Portable Handicap  Restrooms

Portable Toilets

Ultimate Handwash


Freshest Water

Handwash Station

Low Cost


  • Seals tight for Maximum Santitation

  • 2 Unit Station

  • Hands Free Foot Pump

  • Soap & Towel Dispenser

  • Spray Nozel

  • Simple Operation

  • Outstanding Results

  • Sanitary

  • Efficient

  • 4 units